Product Information

Systems: PlayStation 4,
Xbox One, PC
Release: July 2016
Genre: Action / Adventure
Players: 1
Language: Multi
Developer: eastasiasoft

ESRB 10+ Fantasy Violence

Lost Sea

Lost Sea is a 3D action game that takes place inside a procedurally generated archipelago. It's up to the player to form a ragtag crew of survivors and explore the surrounding islands as they hunt for the necessary resources to upgrade their ship and escape the Bermuda Triangle.

The game is set inside a cartoon B-movie universe, where an otherwise normal individual is transformed into an intrepid hero after a routine flight over the Atlantic Ocean ends in disaster. The world of Lost Sea is a dangerous and unforgiving place as every island is filled with strange landmarks, a wide variety of deadly and exotic creatures and powerful relics that can be used to the players advantage. Often wits, as well as combat skills, are needed to survive.

  • Explore a procedurally generated archipelago with millions of unique island combinations.
  • Discover a wide range of dangerous critters with their own behavior patterns.
  • Learn powerful new player abilities and special moves as you progress.
  • Rescue and recruit new crew members, each with their individual traits.
  • Protect yourself and your crew. If someone dies they are lost forever.
  • Battle powerful bosses hell-bent on stopping you from escaping the Bermuda Triangle.

For more details, visit Lost Sea's official website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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