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TOPIC: Concerns on smaller battle screen

Concerns on smaller battle screen 2 years 4 months ago #8576

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I noticed on one of your Facebook posts that the grid will be 7x7 in Rainbow Skies instead of the 9x9 that is on Rainbow Moon, which does concern me a bit.

I know you wanted to have larger-sized assets so they are easier to see, especially in switching out the equipment for the characters. But with the two less rows on each side (north/south and east/west), and especially with the addition of the pets now, the amount of (less) available combat space is a little disconcerting.

It is obvious we will have less potential creatures to fight against, which alone is a bit disappointing. But also the strategy of the combats will change a lot. Unless the longer ranged skills will be shortened, you will have skills reaching the far edges of the battlefield. If there was a skill that reached that far in Rainbow Moon, it had to be only one. Of course I’m going by the default starting position of the characters in Rainbow Moon.

Also, it was nice when some of the (more powerful) creatures were further back and couldn’t reach you with their spells, even if they moved forward. The Phantom/Hairy Shadow or Crystal lines, I’m thinking of you.

If they are all close enough to hit you that first turn, before you could act, it meant at least one dead character, and a party wipe a lot of times. With the smaller battle screen, those ranged spells will reach more easily.

But on the flipside, I hope the monsters are not made less difficult to counter-act that issue. I do enjoy a good challenge, and I felt it was just right for Rainbow Moon. Although with the smaller battle board, I am uncertain how the established (Hard) challenge in Rainbow Moon, or your difficulty similar in Rainbow Skies, will be affected.

Any explanation on how the balance with the Hard difficulty (or similar difficulty in Rainbow Skies), and how it will still work well with the smaller board, would be appreciated.
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Concerns on smaller battle screen 2 years 4 months ago #8578

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Hi Hobbun,

With Rainbow Moon we've been already on the small side, regarding the size of the battle grid. Many other games have much larger battle areas, so walking alone takes a lot more time ;)

Even in Rainbow Moon we've added mechanisms to reduce issues with the larger 9x9 grid. You might not have noticed, but in the beginning, enemies spawned in a very close range to the main character until you got your second subturn. The reason was, it was just boring to move and move and move before you eventually could execute your first attack.

It's surely not a general rule and it might depend on the game, but to me choosing skills, planning strategies, working with patterns, affinities, resistances and so on is much more fun than just walking. We're also taking in mind that beside from boss battles, a single battle shouldn't take too long, which works also better with the new size. The are more advantages: The starting positions (Deployment grids) are much more important now, the same is true for the passive skills and with that many active skills the focus is clearly on attacking which makes battles rather interesting than boring.

The cases you've described (Ranges of skills, etc.) are a matter of balancing. Sure, with a reduced grid size, skills must be (and already are) adjusted too.

Rainbow Skies feels not very different because of the reduced grid size, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. If you love Rainbow Moon it's a very familiar feeling aside from the many improvements we've added :)

Regarding the difficulty, you can set it to your likings this time. There are much more levels and you can switch the difficulty without restarting the game; A new NPC allows difficulty adjustments in town, although they are not for free.

Hope this helps.
Best regards,
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Concerns on smaller battle screen 2 years 4 months ago #8579

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Hi Marcus,

I know you are really busy with the game, so I first want to say thank you and appreciate you taking the time to give not just an answer, but a detailed and explanatory one.

Maybe I wasn't too clear on my first post (I know I could have written it better), but I didn't really have any concern with the size of the battlefield in Rainbow Moon. I can understand where you are coming from and the reasoning is sound, but it never felt 'too big' or 'too much walking' to me.

I guess I just wanted some assurance that with the changes you've made on the smaller battle screen for Rainbow Skies, you have made adjustments to keep the same (or very similar) gameplay. And I don't mean gameplay in the basic sense, I know the game will be played the same way being turn-based with the grid, but I meant in that it isn't any easier or even more challenging because the grid is smaller this time around. I know some don't agree with me (because they wanted the game easier), but I feel the 'Hard' difficulty was balanced perfectly, including the size of the battle screen. I do hope with the new (smaller) size, that battles don't take too much shorter, as I felt they worked just fine in Rainbow Moon, as well.

I am glad to hear there are options for difficulty. But like I mentioned before, as long as there is an option for at least as challenging as Rainbow Moon, I will be a happy person. Please don't water anything down (besides for lower difficulties)! And I not only mean not the actual challenge of the enemies themselves, but also how challenging you made it to gain/save Rainbow Coins and pearls. How you did so in Rainbow Moon was just perfect.

Thank you again for taking the time to answer in detail. :)
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