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Rainbow Skies

A big thanks to all our fans that have been waiting patiently for a Rainbow Skies news update. Today we are excited to show new footage of Rainbow Skies and kick off our Play-Asia pre-order campaign. Reserve your physical copy of Rainbow Skies now!

Rainbow Skies Teaser Trailer

If you are following us on Twitter or Facebook, you have probably come across our frequent #screenshotsaturday updates. Today, we are very pleased to finally show new video footage of Rainbow Skies. Watch the new Rainbow Skies teaser trailer now!

Rainbow Skies Physical Edition Pre-Orders

At the same time, we are excited to officially announce details of the upcoming Rainbow Skies physical edition. Rainbow Skies will launch as retail edition for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Asia in 2018. You can pre-order your copy now at!

Rainbow Skies will be available as Standard Edition (US$29.99) and Limited Edition (US$49.99). Limited Editions will only be manufactured based on demand and pre-orders will be open for 3 months until the end of February 2018. Don't hesitate and reserve your copy now!

Rainbow Skies Limited Edition

Rainbow Skies Limited Edition content:

  • Rainbow Skies Game
  • Rainbow Skies Manual
  • Rainbow Skies Melodies 2CD Original Soundtrack
  • Rainbow Skies Book of Knowledge (100+ pages)
  • Rainbow Skies Map (double sided!)
  • Rainbow Skies Numbered Certificate
  • Rainbow Skies Collector's Box

Rainbow Skies will launch in 2018. The game will be playable in English, French, Spanish (EU/LATAM), German and Italian. More release details will be announced soon!

Rainbow Moon Physical Edition Pre-Orders

If you have missed out on Rainbow Moon or would like to add a copy to your collection, we are pleased to confirm that a physical edition of Rainbow Moon will launch alongside Rainbow Skies in 2018. Rainbow Moon will be available as Standard Edition (US$24.99) and Limited Edition (US$34.99). Limited Editions will only be manufactured based on demand. Make sure to pre-order by the end of February 2018 for your copy to be guaranteed!

Rainbow Moon Limited Edition

Rainbow Moon Limited Edition content:

  • Rainbow Moon Game
  • Rainbow Moon Manual
  • Rainbow Moon Melodies Original Soundtrack
  • Rainbow Moon Book of Wisdom (Tactical Guidebook)
  • Rainbow Moon Map
  • Rainbow Moon Numbered Certificate
  • Rainbow Moon Collector's Box

Visit for more Rainbow Skies related information!

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