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Blue Rider Limited EditionWe have received a lot of positive feedback on our PS4 Blue Rider Limited Edition, which has been really satisfying for the whole team. When we designed the Limited Edition, we considered a few things:

  • People want to know their certificate number
  • Collectors want to have an extra layer of protection

For these reasons, we decided to ship the collector box in a resealable plastic sleeve. The sleeve can easily be opened and resealed and protects the box from dust and minor scratches.

While some people really appreciate this, there have been calls from others to properly seal our Limited Editions in the future. Moving forward, we would therefore like to hear your opinion. During the next 7 days, you can vote on Twitter on the following options for our upcoming releases. Please note that a potential change would first apply to our currently unannounced June release. (EAS-P4003)

1. Resealable Sleeve

This is our currently used method. It allows you to open the collector box, take out all items and re-seal the box at a later time. It also offers an extra layer of protection.

Resealable Sleeve

Resealable Sleeve

2. Shrink Wrap

An alternative option would be to shrink wrap the collector box. As shown in the images below, resealing the box won't be possible. In addition to the shrink wrap, a sticker with the serial number will be placed on the back of the box. The sticker is currently not shown as we don't have any samples.

Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap

3. Round Stickers

The final option would be to place two round stickers on both flaps of the box. To open the box, at least one of the stickers needs to be cut. There would not be any extra layer of protection.

Round Sticker

Round Sticker

Regardless which option you prefer, please bear in mind that the PS4 game disc and soundtrack CD will always be cellophane wrap machine sealed. We appreciate your feedback. :)

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